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Veronica Steam Generator Iron (Violet)

Fakir Veronica Steam Generator Iron

Thanks to Fakir Veronica Steam Generator Iron, the wrinkles on your clothes are now history! The product has been designed with advanced steam iron technology to make it easy to get rid of those pesky creases. All wrinkles are easily removed thanks to the high steam power of Fakir Veronica Steam Generator Iron.

Wrinkle-Free Wardrobe with The Power of Steam

Fakir Veronica Steam Generator Iron has a unique lock system that allows you to iron the garment while the powerful boiler blows steam. In this way, the product also provides convenient use and meets all the expectations of the users. Fakir Veronica Steam Generator Iron offers a power of 2000 W and generates 140 grams of steam per minute, making your clothes like the first day with its high performance. In just 15 seconds, this iron is up to 2000 watts of power, and ready for use. This saves time and makes ironing a pleasure. You can iron without interruption thanks to the 2-liter water tank. Fakir Veronica Steam Generator Iron makes your task much more comfortable with its 1.5-meter-long power cord and a 5.5 bar pump pressure. Fakir Veronica Steam Generator Iron has an anti-limescale (or anti-calc) cartridge to prevent limescale build-up, so it will last a long time without the hassle of manual cleaning. You don't have to switch off the iron; you can refill the water tank while it's running and finish ironing earlier than you planned. The steam level can be adjusted according to the type of fabric. This allows you to choose the most suitable program for each garment. Thanks to its high-quality titanium-coated soleplate, you can use this scratch-resistant product for many years.

Power: 2000 W
Soleplate: Titanium-Infused Ceramic Soleplate
Steam Boost: 140 G
Water Tank Capacity: 2 Liter
Steam Pressure: 5.5 bar pump
On/Off Button: Available
Lock System for Continuous Steam: Available
Vertical Steam: Available
Refill During Ironing: Available
Anti-Anti-Drip Function: Available
Anti-Scale System: Available
Colors: Red, Black
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