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Challenging Technology! Fast polluting or fast cleaning?
Robert RS 770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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Robert RS 770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Robert RS 770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
I'm here so you can say the cleaning is over! New Fakir Bolt Series
H.E.P.A. Thanks to its 13 filters, it captures particles such as dust and pollen up to 99.95%. It provides deep cleaning.
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Bolt Cordless Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Bolt Cordless Vertical Vacuum Cleaner
We are the pioneer of quality life with the good life trio!
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The Good Life Trio The Good Life Trio
Aroma Gourmet Award Banner


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Aroma Gourmet Award Banner Aroma Gourmet Award Banner
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Innovative Solutions
prestige-ts-2000 prestige-ts-2000
Dreams come true! Worldwide Innovation Air Wave, the world premiere of a unique revolution in vacuum technology, increases performance and reduces energy consumption thanks to its complex flow aerodynamics. Discover Now!
Filter Pro Filter Pro
Deep Cleaning with ESF Technology Bringing modern technology to homes for generations with its high-tech innovative products, Fakir introduced the dust bagless vacuum cleaners it developed with ESF Technology, which is a first in the world. Discover Now!
Kaave Dual Kaave Dual
Luminasense Technology to Prevent Overflow in Fakir Kaave Luminasense technology, which can be summarized as automatic foam detection technology, determines the cooking time itself and makes your coffee ready at the ideal foam level. Dİscover Now!
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