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Speed Lucca Blender Seti Black & Silver

Fakir Speed Lucca Hand Blender Set

Fakir Speed Lucca Hand Blender Set will meet your expectations in the kitchen. You can complete your tasks in minutes thanks to its high performance, making your life easy as your personal assistant in all your kitchen tasks. Thanks to its ergonomic design and stylish colors, it will instantly adapt to any kind of decoration of your kitchen and change its ambiance. The combination of black and gray colors, coupled with superior technology, allows you to spend quality time in the kitchen.

You are in Control!

Fakir Speed Lucca Hand Blender Set has a 1000 W motor power and a speed setting that speeds up gradually as you press. It speeds up every time you touch the pulse button, allowing you to complete your tasks in seconds. Additionally, the product also has a turbo function, allowing you to prepare delicious meals while minimizing the time you spend in the kitchen by maximizing your speed. Fakir Speed Lucca Hand Blender Set has a chopper bowl with 2 blades and a blender attachment with 4 blades. Thanks to its BPA Free and 500 ml capacity chopper bowl, you can chop even the toughest ingredients in seconds and store them in the same bowl. The product allows you to start your tasks with a single button once you have selected the required attachment and placed it on the main body. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the product fits perfectly in your hand and allows you to perform your tasks safely. Supplied with a 900 ml measuring cup, Fakir Speed Lucca Hand Blender Set allows you to prepare your drinks in the right consistency.

Power: 1000 W
Value: 220-240V~50/60Hz
Speed Setting: Speed-up as you press
Turbo Mode: Available
Chopping Blade Number: 2
Blender Blade Number: 4
Chopping Bowl Capacity: 500 ml
Chopping Bowl Material: BPA FREE
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