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Roseline Hair Dryer (Black)

Dry your wet hair in minutes with Fakir Roseline Hair Dryer (Black)

You can dry and groom your hair in a short time with this hair dryer that allows you to dry your hair without fraying, dulling, and electrically charging it. It is possible to feel as if you have just left a hairdresser with Fakir Roseline Hair Dryer that allows you to style your hair with your personal comb as you dry your hair.

High Performance, Unique Experience

Fakir Roseline Hair Dryer has an operating power of 2200 W. It helps you dry and style your hair in minutes with its high performance and powerful DC motor. This hairdryer will be your biggest helper after a shower. With its professional quality and performance, it will help you get ready quickly and make the most of your time. For curling or styling your curly hair, the diffuser also comes with a hairdryer.

Power: 2200 W / DC Motor
Voltage/Frequency: 220–240 V 50/60 Hz
Speed Settings: 2 Settings
Heat Settings: 3 Settings
Ion Technology: -
Cold Shot Button: Available
Touch Control: -
Foldable: -
Diffuser: Available
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