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Molly Dijıtal Mutfak Tartısı Kırmızı

With Fakir Molly Digital Kitchen Scale (Red), you can bring a different touch to your kitchen's décor. In red color and easy to use, the product helps you to prepare meals with just the right consistency. You can measure any ingredient in seconds and prepare delicious meals with its sophisticated design and measuring options.

Stylish Design with LED Display

Fakir Molly Digital Kitchen Scale has an LED display. It is easy to measure the desired ingredient. The result is immediately shown on the LED display. It allows you to measure in different values (g, oz, lb, water ml, and milk ml) so you can quickly get the desired readout. You can switch between measurement units with the Mode button and add new weighing units to the scale with the tare button. You can cook your recipes to perfection and prepare delicious meals thanks to these 2 modes.

The glass surface of Fakir Molly Digital Kitchen Scale allows for easy cleaning. You can prepare delicious meals in large quantities thanks to the 10-liter load capacity. It is supplied with 4 x 1.5-volt AAA batteries. Allows you to measure the calories of 7 different types of food with the touch of a single button. Automatically switches off when not in use to help save energy.

Tare Function: Available

Volume Units: Water ML / Milk ML, OZ

Weight Units: GL / LB / OZ / LB:OZ

Indicator: LED Display

Auto Shut-Off Function: Available

Maximum Load Capacity: 10 kg

Product Features:

Measures calories of 7 different foods with a single button
Powered by 4 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
Measuring both by weight and volume of different ingredients


Colors: Orange, White, Red

Weight and Dimensions:

Weight: 0.70 kg
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