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Lucca Q Hand Blender Set (Silver Stone)

Fakir Lucca Q Blender Set Silver Stone is designed to help you make your drinks and much more. Thanks to its elegant look and ergonomic handling, you can prepare smoothies or milkshakes in seconds. Offering a versatile usage experience thanks to its functional accessories, the product will help you prepare delicious food and beverages in your kitchen.

Delicious Meals with High Performance

Fakir Lucca Q Blender Set has an operating power of 1000 W. This power allows the appliance to chop large pieces of vegetable or fruit in a matter of seconds without the problem of clogging. Fakir Lucca Q Hand Blender Set is equipped with an anti-slip base that prevents the blender from slipping, even at high speeds. Its non-slip base helps prevent spills and messes and keeps your kitchen clean.

Fakir Lucca Q Hand Blender Set comes with accessories that will help you prepare drinks, make cakes, whip cream, and chop vegetables. We can list these accessories as follows: steel whisk, steel blending arm, steel chopper, and measuring cup. We can also add this list the following: grinder or mini processor and a mixer that you can connect to a hand blender. Stainless steel accessories ensure long service life.

Power (Watt): 1000 W
Speed Settings: 2 levels
Turbo Mode: Available
Blending/Measuring Cup Capacity: 900 ml
Blending/Measuring Cup Material: BPA FREE
Chopping Bowl Capacity: 500 ml
Chopping Bowl Material: BPA FREE
Anti-slip Base: Available
Blade Number: 2
Ice Crush Setting: Available
Accessories: Steel Whisk, Steel Blending Arm, Steel Chopper, Measuring Cup
Colors: Rouge, Rosie, Violet, Silver Stone
Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 37 cm
Weight: 1502 kg
Cord Length: 1 m
Prepared by  T-Soft E-Commerce.