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Lucca Q Blender Seti Rosie

Fakir Lucca Q Hand Blender Set (Rosie) has been designed to look great in your kitchen. This product will give your kitchen a modern look. It will help you by providing instant solutions to all your needs. This product allows you to prepare smoothies or milkshakes in a short time by saving time thanks to its ergonomic and practical use.

Functional Accessories

Fakir Lucca Q Hand Blender Set comes with accessories that will help you prepare drinks, make cakes, whip cream, and chop vegetables. We can list these accessories as follows: steel whisk, steel blending arm, steel chopper, and measuring cup. We can also add to this list the following: grinder or mini processor and a mixer that you can connect to a hand blender. Stainless steel accessories ensure long service life. Fakir Lucca Q Hand Blender Set has 1000 W rated power. This power allows the appliance to chop large pieces of vegetable or fruit in a matter of seconds without the problem of clogging. Fakir Lucca Q Hand Blender Set is equipped with an anti-slip base that prevents the blender from slipping, even at high speeds. Its non-slip base helps prevent spills and messes and keeps your kitchen clean.

Speed Settings: 2 levels
Turbo Mode: Available
Blending/Measuring Cup Capacity: 900 ml
Blending/Measuring Cup Material: BPA FREE
Chopping Bowl Capacity: 500 ml
Chopping Bowl Material: BPA FREE
Anti-slip Base: Available
Blade Number: 2
Ice Crush Setting: Available
Accessories: Steel Whisk, Steel Blending Arm, and Steel Chopper, Measuring Cup
Colors: Rouge, Rosie, Violet, Silver Stone
Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 37 cm
Weight: 1502 kg
Cord Length: 1 m
Prepared by  T-Soft E-Commerce.