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Kaave Uno Pro Turkish Coffee Maker (Rouge)

Fakir Kaave Uno Pro Turkish Coffee Maker (Rouge) allows you to prepare the most delicious coffee in your kitchen with its rouge color. Its stylish design and ergonomic use give the feeling of coffee cooked on ember and adds color to your deep conversations. You can prepare coffee in small, medium, and large cups with different usage options.

Discover the Tasty Side of Technology

Fakir Kaave Uno Pro Turkish Coffee Maker helps you prepare delicious coffees thanks to its easy-to-use design. The Coffee Maker will create a new ambiance in your kitchen thanks to its stylish design and illuminates the cooking slot. The audible warning system notifies you when your coffee is ready so you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

Fakir Kaave Uno Pro Turkish Coffee Maker is equipped with an automatic water intake system and spinjet technology. The 1-liter water tank capacity allows you to see the amount of water in the water level window located on the body of the Turkish coffee maker and add water. In case the amount of water in the appliance is low and you do not notice it, the Coffee Maker automatically switches off, ensuring safe use. This ensures safe use, allowing you to use it for many years to come.

Fakir Kaave Uno Pro Turkish Coffee Maker offers ease of use to help you prepare fresh coffee. The product enables you to prepare up to 4 cups of coffee at a time, so you can enjoy your coffee with your loved ones. The 100 cm power cord allows you to use it anywhere. You can prepare your coffee as you like with 3 different cup sizes with small, medium, and large cup options.

Power: 735 W
Brewing Capacity: 4 cups
Cup Size Option: Available
LED Indicator Lights: Available
Acoustic alarm: Available
Measuring Spoon: Available
Coffee Pot Material: Plastic
Water Tank: Available
Water Tank Capacity: 1 Liter
Luminasense Technology to prevent overflow: Available
On/Off Button: Available
Boil-dry Protection: Available
Low Water Sensor: Available
Automatic water feeding system: Available
Control Panel: One-button easy control
Mixing Tube, Spinjet Technology
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