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Kaave Turkish Coffee Maker (Rosie)

Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Maker

Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Maker is designed to appeal not only to your taste but also to your eyes with its stylish design and color. For your conversations that become even more intimate with Turkish coffee, this product with a brewing capacity of 4 cups offers you so much more than your expectations. It is easy and practical to use. With just one touch, you can prepare coffees with the desired consistency and plenty of froth.

Coffee Beyond Your Expectations

Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Maker is designed taking into account the needs of its users with its advanced technologies. Thanks to its illuminated warning system and blow-dry protection technologies, it both pleases your eyes and saves energy. The automatic shut-off feature gives you an audible warning when your coffee is ready and switches off. This saves energy and ensures user safety. Your coffee will never overflow thanks to the Luminasense technology built into Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Maker, and you can prepare coffee with plenty of foam at the right consistency. Thanks to its lighting technology, Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Maker also offers a visual delight while your coffee is brewing. The product, which also appeals to your eyes thanks to its stylish design, can be used at home and at work. You can prepare coffee in the desired consistency by using the measuring spoon in Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Maker; Thanks to the product that matches the coffee prepared with a coffee pot, you can save time and energy and enjoy your coffee that tastes like it is cooked on embers.

Power: 735 W
Brewing Capacity: 4 cups
Cup Size Option-
LED Indicator Lights: Available
Acoustic alarm: Available
Measuring Spoon: Available
Coffee Pot Material: Plastic
Water Tank-
Water Tank Capacity-
Luminasense Technology to prevent overflow: Available
On/Off Button-
Boil-dry Protection: Available
Low Water Sensor-
Automatic water feeding system
Control Panel: One-button easy control
Mixing Tube: -
Colors: White, Rouge, Violet, Rosie, Silver Stone, Brown
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