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Hypo Clean Sterile Water Generator

Discover the Power of Cleanliness with Hypo Clean Sterile Water Generator!!!

Are you looking for an effective and safe way to disinfect your home without using harsh chemicals? Hypo Clean, developed with electrolysis technology for safe and convenient sterilization, provides 99.99% hygiene using only water and half a gram of salt.

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Electrolysis Technology

The special three-layer electrode system is designed to remove bacteria, viruses and odors from all surfaces

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Natural Sterilization

Thanks to its chemical-free content, you can effectively and safely clean your entire living space

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Effective on All Surfaces

Provides effective hygiene for cleaning of delicate surfaces such as hand-facial cleaning, bottle-bottle-pacifier-toy, fruit-vegetable cleaning, plant cleaning, household cleaning.

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Different Operating Modes

Low and high modes are available.

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Micro Droplet Sprayer Nozzle

Provides convenient use with its nozzle that sprays over a large area and easy trigger structure.

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Turkish Ministry of Health Biocidal

Turkish Ministry of Health Biocidal License Hypo Clean, which obtained the Ministry of Health Biocidal License, has been found to provide 99.99% hygiene against bacteria and viruses according to laboratory tests.

Max. 27W
Input AC 100-240V / 50-60 Hz
Output DC 9V 3A
Capacity: 400 mL
Appliance Material:
ABS body and sprayer nozzle
PolyCarbon spray bottle
Electrolysis System: Unique Thin Layer Electrophoresis (TLE) system
Area of Use:
Deodorizing by cleaning
Suitable for hand and face cleaning
Providing extra hygiene for baby bottles and pacifiers
Cleaning the leaves of ornamental plants
Effective cleaning on sensitive surfaces (leather, fabric, etc.)
Eliminates foot odor by cleaning the feet
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