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Eggy Rapid Egg Cooker

Eggy Rapid Egg Cooker is the perfect solution to cook your eggs to the desired consistency for your breakfast in the morning. With its different cooking settings and capacity, this egg cooker is a breakfast favorite for both nuclear and large families. It allows you to quickly cook your eggs in a healthy way to the desired texture and consistency and allows you to be more comfortable in your kitchen. Thanks to its timer, Eggy makes your life easier and allows you to achieve the consistency you want, whether you like hard-boiled, medium, or soft-boiled eggs. With this unique product, you can also make poached eggs.

Fakir Eggy Rapid Egg Cooker’s Features

Fakir Eggy Rapid Egg Cooker offers you comfortable, practical, and convenient user experience with its features. The product is very easy to use thanks to its LED light and rotary control knob. With a power of 500 W, Eggy has all the power you need to cook your eggs to the perfect consistency. The egg cooker has a stainless-steel body. Its stylish design will add color to your kitchen. The see-through lid provides excellent heat insulation, allowing you to see your eggs as you cook. Thanks to the timer, you can easily cook your eggs either hard-boiled, medium, or soft-boiled. Eggy can cook up to 8 eggs at the same time. It is perfect for both small and large families.

Perfectly Poached Eggs

Fakir Eggy Rapid Egg Cooker allows you to poach 4 eggs at once. You can easily prepare your eggs to the desired consistency. Eggy sounds a buzzer to let you know that your eggs are done. This product is supplied with different types of accessories. Your egg cooker will last a long time thanks to easily removable and durable accessories. These accessories include; Eggy Measuring Cup, which allows you to measure the amount of water you need to add to your machine to cook your eggs, Eggy Poaching Tray, where you crack your eggs and poach them, see-through Eggy Lid, which helps your eggs cook with heat insulation, and Eggy Boiling Tray, where you place your eggs when you want to boil them. All of these accessories can also be purchased separately from the product itself.

Practical and Easy to Use

Fakir Eggy Rapid Egg Cooker, which is very easy to use, will cook your eggs to the consistency you want in a very simple and practical way. It automatically cooks your eggs at different time periods and uses the right amount of water based on the desired consistency. The egg cooker must be rinsed with cold water before use. Before cooking your eggs to the desired consistency, you must position your appliance correctly and add the right amount of water. You should place your eggs in the cooker with the pointed end upwards. It always closes the lid before switching on your product. The buzzer will sound when your eggs are cooked to your desired consistency. After that, you can take out your eggs by opening the lid, and you will be able to enjoy your delicious eggs. Fakir Eggy Egg Cooker ensures that your eggs are cooked in a healthy way and have the right consistency. If you cook your eggs the traditional way, you risk losing some of the vitamins and minerals they contain, depending on whether you have undercooked or overcooked them. On the other hand, overcooked eggs are also a source of discomfort due to their unpleasant odor. But thanks to Fakir Eggy Egg Cooker, your eggs will be boiled in the exact amount of time needed using the right amount of water and there will be no unpleasant odors and no loss of vitamins and minerals. All you have to do is to enjoy your eggs cooked to your desired consistency with Fakir Eggy Egg Cooker.

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