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Breakfast Tea Maker

Fakir Breakfast Tea Maker that has a 7-year lifespan can be used not only for brewing tea but also as a kettle. With this product that goes beyond a tea maker, you can meet your every hot water need. The safety systems of Fakir Breakfast Tea Maker prevent possible accidents during and after use. With its boil-dry protection system, you can use it for years without compromising safety. Thanks to the cable winding slot, you can prevent a cluttered look on your countertop and keep the organized look in your kitchen at all times. You can prevent limescale formation thanks to its concealed resistor. Thanks to the stainless-steel tea brewing basket supplied with Fakir Breakfast Tea Maker, you can prevent tea debris from spreading all over the teapot and you can clean it in a convenient way. Fakir Breakfast Tea Maker has 1650 W of power. Thanks to its high performance, it works efficiently and helps you to brew the most delicious tea. It showcases a superior operating performance both with its heating function and the keep-warm function with 135 W power. The red light that indicates boiling and the green light that indicates the keep-warm feature make the product appealing to the eye, and the interior material of the product is made of stainless steel, thus extending its service life. With its 0.8-liter teapot capacity and 1.8-liter kettle capacity, it allows you to prepare hot drinks for crowded groups.

Power: 1650 W
Teapot Capacity: 0.8 Liter
Water Heater Capacity: 1.8 Liter
Tea Pot Material: Stainless-steel
Kettle Material: Stainless-steel
Water Level Indicator: -
Boil-dry Protection: Available
Keep-warm Function: 135 W
Cable Winding Slot: Available
Tea Brewing Basket Material: Stainless-steel
Light Warning System: Available
Concealed Resistor: Available
Kettle Function: Available
Cordless Use: Available
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