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Bolt X Plus Aqua 8472 Dikey Şarjlı Kablosuz Süpürge Moon Gray

Model Bolt X Plus Aqua 8472

Power: 550 W, high rpm BLDC motor
Wet/Dry Cleaning: Mop that easily attaches to and detaches from the vacuum cleaner nozzle
Suction Power: 24 kPa/200 Airwatt
Charging Time: Fast charging in 2 hours and up to 1 hour of use
Filtration System: 4-way filtration (Hepa13, Epa10, Cyclone, and Sponge Filter)
Suction Power Settings: 4 Different Settings (eco-middle-auto, turbo)
Display: Large LCD display showing usage time and suction power
LED Lighted Nozzle: Available
Dust Container Capacity: 0.6 L dust container (0.3 L max. available dust container capacity)
Operating Time: High: ≥=10min, Medium: ≥=21m
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