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Blackjet Hair Dryer (Red)

With Fakir Blackjet Hair Dryer (Red), you can dry and style your hair all at the same time. This multi-functional product makes styling and drying your hair fast, easy, and reliable. You can use Fakir Blackjet Hair Dryer (Red) on all types of hair with ease. You can style your hair however you want just in minutes.

Dry Your Hair and Get Ready in Minutes with Blackjet Hair Dryer

Fakir Blackjet Hair Dryer not only dries your hair but also makes you feel as if your hair has been styled by a professional hairdresser. You can give your hair the shape you want and have it dry in minutes with a vibrant look. The temperature control lets you finish styling without damaging your hair. Fakir Blackjet 2000 W Hair Dryer guarantees excellent performance with its 2000 W power. Thanks to its DC motor, you can start drying your hair the moment you step out of the shower. With its powerful motor and capacity, this hairdryer does not differ from professional hairdryers. Its advanced settings allow you to get what you need in minutes. You can have well-groomed hair that you can shape to your liking with your own personal comb that you can use after or during hair drying. Fakir Blackjet Hair Dryer has 2 different speed settings. You can adjust the speed and heat to your liking for various parts of the head or hair density. It has 2 different temperature settings. This allows you to dry your hair quickly, even at busy times of the day. With Fakir Blackjet Hair Dryer, which also has a cold shot button, you can choose the setting you want. You can also style your wavy and curly hair the way you want thanks to the diffuser.

Voltage/ Frequency: 220 – 240 V 50/60 Hz
Speed Settings: 2 Settings
Heat Settings: 2 Settings
Ion Technology: -
Cold Shot Button: Available
Touch Control: -
Foldable: -
Diffuser: Available
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