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Babila Manual Espresso Makers

Babila coffee maker offers you the opportunity to enjoy a professional coffee experience at any time of the day. Offering users the necessary information to prepare delicious coffees, the device makes the coffee of your choice with a single click. The LCD display makes application and adjustment convenient, allowing you to customize the ingredients and blend ratios to your liking as you make your coffee selections. Fakir Babila can prepare the ingredients with a 1350 W motor power and 15 bar pressure, and creates delicious coffee recipes. Combining speed and taste, your new generation mini assistant eliminates the tedious tasks in coffee making.

Make Amazing Coffee with A Simple Touch

Fakir Babila Coffee Maker has a fully automatic control system. This makes it easy to carry out tasks such as steam and water temperature setting, milk frothing, and product selection among others. The product features a 1.8-liter hot water and 500 ml milk tank, allowing easy adjustments to be made in measuring processes. With the grill design suitable for preparing two items at the same time, you can also froth milk while preparing coffee. The machine can cook coffee types such as espresso, latte and cappuccino, and can also prepare servings of Turkish coffee with a special dense consistency for its enthusiasts. Thanks to Fakir Babila, the dense coffees preferred by professionals are now brought to homes and offices. The device gives you the opportunity to show off your skills and try a variety of coffees from different cultures without being limited by time and place.

Features of Babila that Make Life Easier

With its minimalist design and easy-to-carry structure, Fakir Babila offers you the freedom to consume gourmet flavors in any place you want. Its features ensure that the same quality of smart devices found in cafes and restaurants is achieved. Its 32x21x27 cm dimensions, saving space and facilitating its positioning, help you enjoy Babila in any place with electricity. Offering a selection between two cup sizes, small and large, the machine makes it easy to pick the ideal quantity according to your mood. The grill section is adjustable to suit the height of the cup and transfers the prepared coffee into your cup until the very last drop without the risk of overflow. The tiny coffee monster packs dozens of features into its small frame and stands out with its energy-efficient operation despite its powerful and fast heating features. Fakir Babila is always ready to work when you feel like having a cup of coffee, and when it is not operating, it switches to sleep mode to prevent unnecessary energy consumption.

Eye-catching Aesthetic Design

Designed as a fully compact and functional product, the Babila Coffee Maker has visually satisfying features. The black body with an anthracite look, integrated with the polished steel, provides an elegant appearance for the areas where the product is used. The touchscreen LCD buttons with illuminated details that complement its bright and aesthetic lines make it easy to control the machine and create a visually appealing look. Removable chambers and compartments that make cleaning easier, and a strong and robust barista handle provide users with the necessary comfort for easy use. You can always amaze yourself with attachments that process coffee grains in the most efficient way and adjust the ideal consistency according to the selected recipe.

A Functional, Ergonomic, Creative Coffee Maker

Fakir Babila prepares the strength and intensity according to the type of coffee to match your gourmet palate and becomes an indispensable item for you over time. The drinks it prepares make it possible to enjoy coffee at home, in the garden and even in outdoor areas with electricity. Easy-to-reach attachments, the convenience offered by modern technology and space-saving features make the Babila Coffee Maker special for you. Not needing any other ingredients than coffee and milk depending on your drinking habits, and its large chambers suitable for multiple cooking processes, it offers unfailing answers to the demands of both you and your loved ones. The ability to unlock the aroma of coffee beans with expert touches helps you taste unforgettable sips in every new cup.

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