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Airbee Car Air Purifier

Fakir Airbee Car Air Purifier

With Fakir Airbee Car Air Purifier, your time in the car is now of higher quality. It purifies your air from exhaust fumes, harmful gases, dust, cigarette smoke and other harmful particles, offering you fresh air while you are in your vehicle. It protects you even from air pollution that you think is not going to pose a threat to you and your loved ones while you are in the vehicle, even from harmful microorganisms in air conditioning systems, and enables you to have a healthy journey.

Purify your air without opening your car windows. Thanks to Fakir Airbee Car Air Purifier, you can purify your air without even opening the windows of your vehicle. Thanks to the product that protects you even from the harmful gases and dusts that you are unaware of, you can enjoy clean air even in the midst of the city.

Fakir Airbee Car Air Purifier features a 3-filter air purification technology including an HEPA Filter, TiO2 Filter, and UV-C lamp, and releases negative ions while cleaning and refreshing your air thanks to its high-tech filters. The release of negative ions neutralizes positively charged organisms in the air and prevents you from inhaling harmful gases. Thus, the release of negative ions improves the quality of oxygen and provides mental as well as physical benefits.

Thanks to its stylish design and USB connection, the product can also be used in your workplace, helping to increase your focus, lift your mood, and give you the feeling of taking in mountain air. Fakir Airbee Car Air Purifier, which is versatile in use, allows you to change and enhance the air in any environment you are in.

Power: 3 W
UV spectrum: 254 nm ± 5, UVC
Dust Collection Rate: 98%
Ion Output: 3 x 10^6 / cm^3
Active Oxygen Output: ≤ 0.05 ppm
Air Volume: 1.2-2.2 m^3/hour
Accessories: Car Charger, USB Cable
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